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TURN PAGE Why Property Management n the world of business and real estate there is one industry that always seems to grow consistentlyProperty Management. Year-in and year-out property management is one of the most stable industries in the nation. Regardless of whether the real estate market is strong or weak tens and tens of millions of apartments homes office buildings and strip malls need the services of a knowledgeable and capable property management company. Property Management Inc. franchise offices provide products and services to the multi-trillion dollar real estate industry. Some of these services include property maintenance financial accounting and reporting compliance tasking tenant services leasing and real estate brokerage services. These services are the foundation upon which our franchises build consistent recurring revenue streams like ours. Property Management Inc. provides you with an opportunity to own your own successful business and to be your own boss. We provide almost everything you need to make this business succeed except one thing YOU Come and join us and create the business and lifestyle you have always wanted. There Has Never Been a Better Time to Own a Property Management Inc. Franchise i TURN PAGE TURN PAGE Why Franchise ou may ask yourself the question Why buy a franchisewhy not go it alone The answer to this question is that franchising may be the best way to ensure your business succeeds. Franchising allows entrepreneurs like you to reduce the risk time and expense of starting a business. The Property Management Inc. franchise provides you with what is essentially a business in a box. Here are the facts Total sales from franchised businesses exceed two trillion dollars each year There are more than 750000 franchise establishments in the United States 1 out of every 10 businesses in the USA is a franchise 1 in 12 businesses in the United States are franchises. A new franchised business opens every eight minutes of every business day Why franchise with PMI Would you like the benefits of being in business for yourself but not by yourself Would you like to open a business without incurring huge start-up costs Would you like someone to train you how to operate a successful business and then continue to support you until youre ready to stand on your own Are you looking for a business that can provide consistent recurring income If you answered YES to any of these questions Property Management Inc. is exactly what you are looking for in a franchise. Invest In Your Future with a Property Management Inc. Franchise y TURN PAGE wning a Property Management Inc. franchise is an exciting way to go into business for yourselfwithout being in business by yourself. PMI provides support every step of the way so you dont have to be an expert in real estate marketing operations management or finance. Property Management Inc.s proprietary System provides you with everything you need to own your own real estate services business. We have developed a System for establishing operating and marketing a property management services company. In addition to our national network of franchised offices PMI provides comprehensive operating procedures as well as dynamic marketing methods and materials for acquiring customer accounts. PMI also supplies proprietary property management systems a diversifies range of products and services comprehensive operating manuals on-going training and support intuitive software solutions and dozens and dozens of revenue streams. If youve never been your own boss starting a business on your own can be difficult and a bit intimidating. But with a PMI franchise that really doesnt need to be the case. A PMI franchise is a business that almost anyone can succeed at and is perfect for individuals who have an entrepreneurial spirit. A Property Management Inc. business allows someone with a little or a lot of real estate experience to build a thriving business using our system. You can easily change careers without years of schooling apprenticeship or research. One day you can have a job as an accountant or sales representative and a few months later have a career as the successful owner of a Property Management Inc. business. Making a great income and owning a successful PMI franchise is entirely up to you Let Us Help You Build Your Future What Property Management Inc. Offers o 801- 407-1301